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I share with you my favorite quote because this is the meat of authoring:   Mark Twain said, 

 "The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug."   

Nothing could be closer to the truth as well as the most difficult achievement in the art!   We expect instant results on devices, hence I craft  page-turning scenes in my mind  and do my best to articulate  the action as if a movie ―but on my keyboard.  I want my scenes to play out visually, right before the reader's eyes .  In the last few decades,  movies have trained us to yearn for more detail and action,  altering what peaks our interest in books.   As a result we still like demure as in love scenes  but want more supercharged action scenes.  I hope you see  them in the following short novels, novellas, short stories , flash fiction, and poems.  Note tabs at upper left where generous amounts of excerpts are provided for your review.

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Not for the faint-of-heart, Night Invaders, a short novel, is in the works (see excerpts)  and very near completion, so please stay tuned if you indulge in Sci-Fi.

​Synopsis:  A quiet community in Texas undergoes a shocking revelation when fiends infiltrate one hundred feet beneath a local's land.  Selected lawmen and retired military, paid $1,000,000.00 each attempt to rescue innocent men, women, and children who serve as slaves for "Project O.D." where the U.S. military train superhuman beings to kill and win wars in lieu of sickly humans whose population notably declines.

Please click the  tab  above for several supercharged action scenes which are my favorite to  put into words.

Moonshiner the Wolf, a short novel, illustrates an endearing story of  hardships and everlasting love between a fiery character who lives to one hundred and twelve and her loyal friend for twenty-eight years, the alpha wolf Moonshiner.
The synopsis, a demure scene, and several supercharged action scenes just a click away. 
Monster at My Window is not to be taken at face value, written in a very relaxed informal tone that gradually broadens into a twisted underlying theme, both immoral and political.  It centers around families in Brownsville, Texas who end up the first credible witnesses and victims of a devious government plan initiated several decades prior.

Please click tab above for supercharged moral evil they endure.  
Hannibal ~ A True Story .