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Hello, welcome to my website.  Please follow me into my study where I do all of my writing, the real and the fantastic!  They say that every mind is a universe where stories continuously happen around us, yet presenting the story to you, the reader, with grace and clarity is in itself another story.  Writing my universe stories on paper for your enjoyment is thrilling, and unless the words move your heart, I don't write them.    

We authors share a great challenge of maintaining the reader's attention, never an easy task. So after you read the PROFESSIONALLY EDITED stories, please take a minute to let me know your impression of how well I present them. Thank you so much.

From San Antonio, Texas, and after selling real estate for decades, I ventured into this new career ―writing.  Please read my biography, instructions below. 

Most of my short novels, novellas, short stories, flash fiction, and poems are inspired by true events and take place only in Texas settings. I write clear and direct by embracing florid prose and staccato prose, which can be enjoyed from the young to the old. In several of the stories, I provide Texas facts with violence of self defense battles and natural disasters as well as moving, emotional struggles then combine them with moral fortitude.

Creative writing is an art, much more difficult to express than a news report about a car crash that you read about online.  A news report "tells" you the details.  A created, imaginative narrative "shows" you the details.  I want you to see what I imagine.  My style of writing is concise wording that will cut your reading time but not so concise that the meaning is lost.  Some of my ebooks are no longer that the length of a movie as my intent is to spark interest in those who dislike reading. Writing opens the window to our souls, yet reading opens the door. If I can inspire anyone to read, then I feel successful in my endeavor.

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"Monster at My Window"
"Night Invaders"--Sequel to Monster at My Window
"Moonshiner The Wolf"
"The Rabbi's Books"
"Visiting Mary" 
"Flood of 1965"

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Beasts of a social order arise from the depths of mystery to terrorize the residents on Picasso Lane, where they suffer their greatest losses.  Set against the backdrop of sweltering 1995 Brownsville, Texas, a rousing tale full of conflict, anticipation, and realism depicts exhausting battles,all for the love of their friends.
"Writing opens the window to our souls, yet reading opens the door.  If I can inspire anyone to read, then I feel successful in my endeavor."  Nancy Reil Riojas, Texas EBook Author

Biography ~ Nancy Reil Riojas

Nancy Reil Riojas is an American indie author, a poet, copyeditor, literary critic, and considered a trailblazer in the Electronic Book Movement.  She is best known for sci-fi tales, emotional-moral narratives, and fast-paced fiction which are electronically delivered to reading devices world-wide under the auspices of U.S. based Smashwords, the leading Ebook distributor that officially launched in 2008.  Smashwords partners with Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo, Flipkart, Oyster, Page Foundry, Diesel, and two libraries, Baker & Taylor Blio and Baker-Taylor Axis 360. Today, Smashwords authors reach sixty countries worldwide, including the U.S., Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Greece, Finland, Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Australia, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, New Zealand to name a few. 

She was born in San Antonio, Texas and is the third child to Andrew Reil, a fourth generation Mexican/German Texan who served in World War II wherein on April 11, 1945, he was one of the many American soldiers who encountered Holocaust massacred victims and assisted survivors in Buchenwald, Germany, the largest concentration camp.  She is the second child to Felicidad Varela, a first generation Mexican Texan who was always setting goals and was extremely disciplined.  Her father, a bus operator for the city of San Antonio was a man of many construction talents, talents which he practiced to earn enough money to move the young family out of a poor district and into a middle class neighborhood when Nancy was one year old.

Nancy learned to straddle two cultures: her father’s anglicized sophistication and her mother’s deep roots in the romantic Mexican culture.  Her mother, a strikingly beautiful woman and fluent in Spanish, sang Spanish songs along with the popular KCOR radio station while cooking and cleaning; whereas when Nancy’s father, fluent in English and Spanish, arrived home from work, he immediately switched the radio to a country western station or played country western records by Marty Robbins.  During the 1950s, their neighbors were a melting pot of interesting families to say the least:  German, Italian, English, Mexican, Portuguese, and Oriental, among whom discrimination reared its ugly head from time to time.

Her father purchased a brand new Royal typewriter for her when she was eleven and said, “that will be your bread and butter.” Before leaving on a date during coming of age was an embarrassment with a strict, straightforward father.  One of the “greatest generation” he announced, “Just remember, you’re in charge of your zipper.”

Her parents divorced, and some time afterward her mother established a food catering business and later paid off the home, sold it, purchased a different home, sold that one, invested her money and moved into an apartment.  Her mother learned to speak, read, and write English and always prided herself on the fact that she never relied on anyone for financial assistance, not even her own children, “Not one cent,” she said but also taught them to provide for themselves, "don't ask me for money, not one cent." At eighty-four she negotiated and purchased a brand new car and gleamed, “I live a glorious life.”

Before he passed away, Nancy's father shared a vision he had had for his children.  He chose that house, he said, because it was within the boundary lines of a college-preparatory high school (which his children attended). Two brothers attained their college degrees, one brother attended college; all three established businesses that contributed to the growth and development of San Antonio, Bexar County, and the State of Texas.

Nancy graduated in the 1960s from Thomas Jefferson College Preparatory High School (elevated core curriculum) and was hired as a Stenographer at the age of eighteen for the Bexar County Adult Probation Office.  After five years she enrolled at San Antonio College, majoring in English Language and Literature yet did not accomplish a degree, instead married and bore two children.  Soon thereafter, NBC Bank hired her as an administrative assistant.  Years later in 1989, she passed the Texas State Board of Realtors exam at first attempt and managed her sales business for twenty years while surpassing sales goals, earning awards, and achieving designations: Top Realtor twelve years, Remax 100% Club Member, Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), Graduate of the Realtor Institute (GRI), Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR), and “Who’s Who in America?” 2006 – 2009.

She retired December, 2009 after forty-one years of working and embarked on a second career, authoring.  Her goal: encourage all children to read on e-readers –yet target Mexican American children and young adults to read beyond school requirements by featuring in her ebooks bold, mainstream Mexican American protagonists who persevere through adversity (such as Angela Garza in Moonshiner The Wolf and Ortiz, Garcia, and Ramirez in Monster at My Window).  These  protagonists conform to the contemporary Anglo Saxon culture, the culture that students learn to live by today, and the culture that dominates teachings in public schools where most Mexican American students attend.

Her first publication was a slim paperback, Moonshiner, but after eighteen months she cancelled it from the market, “I could have said more; something held me back, but now I have the confidence to say it.” The replacement evolved into a short novel (or long novella), her magnum opus, Moonshiner The Wolf.  The Sci-fi novella Monster at My Window followed, as well as short stories and flash-fiction narratives of which several evolved from her childhood years, some revelatory, controversial, or derived from catastrophic acts of nature that threatened to kill her or the family:  Flood of 1965, Hannibal, Steven, Visiting Mary, and The Rabbi’s Books.  Poetry by Nancy Reil Riojas consists of sixty poems classified as narrative, dramatic, free verse, and lyric.  And sequels to the aforementioned novellas are undergoing creation, Texas Oil Baron and Night Invaders.

Nancy’s works influence readers in the United States as well as around the world, “It’s exciting that people twelve thousand miles away download my narratives in less than a minute. What an amazing time we live in! Writing opens the window to our souls, yet reading opens the door. If I can inspire anyone to read, then I feel successful in my endeavor.” 

"I want you to see what I imagine."